Casting at anxiety

The picture above is my happy place. It’s a place I use to go to almost everyday of my life to either cast at some bulls, trout, or to just cast away my life. Once I get there I immediately pull out my stove and coffee and start making some mud water while I scan... Continue Reading →

The Red and The Clouser

On a cold January morning around five in the morning, I was waken up by my dad as he told me to get ready to head on the skiff to the marshes. The fish that day were hitting hard early morning and we couldn’t resist the possibility of large reds roaming in the flats. As... Continue Reading →

Casting For Blue Ridge Trout

December 14, 2020 Rainbow trout are one of the most stalked fish. Not just in North America but in almost every county that they've been introduced into. To a predominately salt-fly fisherman I like to almost match them up to the redfish. A decent sized trout will unquestionably give you an admirable run to remember... Continue Reading →

Little Talbot Bust

Thursday, December 10, 2020 I parked in the lot of Little Talbot island state park. There air was a crisp 62° on a Thursday morning with zero wind and low tide. All Perfect for a beach redfish on the fly. After setting up the rod and gear I made my way down the quarter mile... Continue Reading →

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